Being a real winter girl at heart, I am thoroughly enjoying dressing up warmly in all my beautiful vintage wear and nothing better than donning an outfit and visiting Norwich to check out the best Art Deco Shop in the vicinity.

Deco Days, is owned and run by Mark Wilde, who like me, is an absolute fanatic about anything from the era. The question is where to start in this breath taking shop. From the moment you enter, your senses are thrown into turmoil as everywhere you look is deco heaven. Lighting, ceramics, furniture, and jewellery, so many opulent items all displayed to perfection.

I asked Mark where his passion for art deco comes and he recounted the moment he first fell in love with this all consuming era. He was 16 years old and went into a bric-a-brac store and was drawn to a bronze semi-clad figurine by Brunel Zack, which he paid the grand sum of £3.50, (a wise investment!). From that day on he was hooked, totally buying into roaring lifestyle, design and architecture. Ever since that day he has been expanding his knowledge on every aspect of the period. What Mark doesn’t know about the era isn’t worth knowing.

Many moons have passed since then and now he is the proud owner of his successful specialist shop in the heart of this historic city, which has been trading since 2014. When discussing favourite items or designers, Mark stated that it does not have to be a particular designer that impresses him, it may just be the simple angle on a lamp or the distinctive art deco motifs on the furniture or tactility of a decadent figurine.


I guarantee you will be absolutely blown away, by the high quality array of stock on offer. You will be transported back to the roaring 20s and 30s to experience the best in design, style and taste. It is just like walking onto a Hollywood movie set. I half expected to see Jay Gatsby suddenly appear with cocktail in hand!

So when you are next visiting the county town of Norfolk don’t miss out on this real gem. You can visit Deco Days, 37 St Giles Street, Norwich, NR2 1JN. Tel: 01603 633364

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From the pen of Genista Davidson – The Art Deco Traveller